Windows/Unix development on Mac Part 5: Centos on Parallels

September 24, 2016 18:04

Well, when you install the same Centos ISO on the Parallels VM, the network works and the display supports resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 — with no muss, no fuss.

A couple issues, however:

No browser installed.

At all. We can fix that: in a root shell run:

yum install firefox

Gimp & Other Gunk

The pre-installed apps list is fairly small, with the notable exception of gimp. I want this VM to be as small as reasonably possible, I don’t use gimp, and gimp is a fairly large application.

So bye bye graphics tools:

yum erase gimp
yum erase gthumb.x86_64
yum erase xsane

Don’t want ’Rhythmbox Music Player’ or any of that either:

yum erase sound-juicer
yum erase cheese
yum erase brasero
yum erase totem

A few extras

And I still want:

yum install -y git-all

And I like having gvim handy:

yum install vim-X11

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